It is far from the time when the rider boot was reserved for outstanding Amazons and other Charlotte Casiraghi budding. Democratised by the creators, she left for several decades the equestrian world for bitumen city joining our wardrobes, but also celebrities of all kinds. Every day, we can boast to wear the same boots as Karlie Kloss, Blake Lively or Gigi Hadid, only the price and the brand being a bit different.


What happens if we highlight our legs in season with our boots and boots? A piece of cake, if we believe the few suggestions that have been given to us.

It is in front of you, suspended in the window of your favorite activity … and you are about to succumb to him. Of course, but this pair of boots you want, maybe not the ones you need. Because before breaking the budget to give you a small gift, we must consider some Morpho Urkriterien. Follow the instructions.

Which pair of boots for thin legs?
The only boots that like girls with thin legs are too light. That your legs are “lost” in it, which they certainly will not appreciate. If you have the ability to be tall and skinny in a natural way, you prefer flat boots or small heels.

Boots to choose from: from boots to bikers to riding boots, you can do almost anything, even waders.

Boots to avoid: no pair is recommended for you, except for a pair of boots that are too wide and do not affect the shape of the calf.


Stylistic attribute of fishermen and other gardeners, the rubber boot, more commonly known as rain boot, comes out of the muddy paths to become a fashion piece in its own right. The proof with our selection.

Collateral damage of a time that is gray mine, rain boots, super waterproofness, are usually worn in (particularly) wet areas and (quite) muddy. The most concrete example being the Glastonbury Festival, where glamorous celebrities and it-girls of the moment prefer landing in Hunter boots rather than sacrificing their latest pair of shoes (logo).

Rain boots, new generation
From the muddy ground of the festivals to the glittering podiums of the parades, the rain boots are rehabilitated by the fashion sphere. Revised and corrected, in an ultra-desirable way, by the biggest brands, these boots with rubberized materials are placed at the feet of the biggest stars, as well as the most experienced models.


Want an underground look and a rock look? We opt either for biker boots, or for a pair of rangers … Or just for both.

Less conventional than classic boots, biker boots and rangers are the perfect asset to give a rock look to our winter look.

Side trends, it is the multibrid boots that make a sensation this winter, especially at Isabel Marant, Maje or Zadig & Voltaire. Nails, chains, buckles … Everything is good to give us a rebellious attitude.

Ranger boots
Ranger boots gain in elegance and sobriety. The proof with the signed pairs Diesel or Robert Clergerie. This season, feminine details soften the winter boots. We love the pearls of the Nicholas Kirkwood model, the big silver buckle Balenciaga bikers, certainly brilliant, which replaces the laces at Valentino.

How to wear them?

The association jean destroy and leather jacket is our favorite option, just to accentuate the rock side. We do not forget to add a lace top, some jewelry or a make-up for a feminine touch. Another equation that works: when the biker boots and rangers team up with a little black dress and a blazer, they glamorise as if by magic … For our greatest pleasure.